„ ... to create something that is more connecting with the people."

Anna Lopez Vegas

Miauu von Anna Lopez Vegas

Our idea was to somehow create a softer and friendlier environment for those who are in it. We decided to make a soft cover for hard chairs that are often standing in classrooms or cafés. Miauu allows people to feel more enclosed and relaxed as they sit. In our collaboration we targeted to create a product with an interesting design and a clear purpose. We also wished that our product would leave as little trace on nature as possible. It was therefore important for us to make use of organic and recycled materials, which in the end also got to be a part of the esthetics. When taking into consideration decorative elements of the project we were reflecting the traditional handcrafting method of quilting which was commonly practiced amongst several places such as India, the Provence and Ireland some centuries ago. The attempt to incorporate historical traditions came as a result of having the overall goal to produce and manufacture a useful consumer product via industrial processes. Dressing a hard chair in a soft fabric has the practical side effect of acting as a sound absorbent. Since the product is in 100% cotton its easy to take of and wash.

Entworfen in der Textilwerkstatt der Box66, einer Initiative der BQG Ankunft gGmbH, in Kooperation mit be able.
Dieser Gestaltungsprozess wurde von der Designerin Joanna Vikström begleitet.