»In the process of design, there are manifold challenges and the pure pleasure of creating. Best conditions to get to know and develop your potency.«

Isabelle Dechamps, c/o


Our vision is a society that is shaped by ALL.


More inclusion, creativity and social competence through the design of individual
Educational formats.


We develop and implement projects and workshops, together with all institutions and stakeholders. In doing so, we guide design processes and:

- create safe spaces for experiments and discussions

- make people visible and capable of action in processes
- empower people, especially those on the margins, to shape society
- offer structures that enable collective creativity
- build bridges to break down borders
- build prototypes of utopias

Our strategy is based on the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Who are we?

be able is a creative collective for inclusion and integration of socially disadvantaged people through design. In 2010 the social designer Isabelle Dechamps developed the award-winning educational concept of be able in cooperation with a workshop for people with disabilities. The aim was to stimulate the creativity of the individuals, to increase their self-esteem and strengthening their social skills by enableing them to design their own products.

. Since then, the innovative approach has been steadily developed for diverse stakeholder groups and has proven to be a catalyst for creativity, social skills and inclusion. As a non-profit organization, we work throughout Germany with a competent network of designers, personnel developers and other experts.

be able e.V.

be able operates as a non profit organisation. 

Executive Board

Benedikt Dechamps

Executive Board

Ferdinand Pechmann

Executive Board

Isabelle Dechamps

Communication Design

Christin Ursprung

Design Facilitation, PR

Amélie Cayré

Design Facilitation, Visual Communication 

Florian Huss



Graphic Design, Design Facilitation 

Beatrice Barth

Product Development, Design Thinking

Yi-Cong Lu

Design Facilitation, Consulting 

Antonia von Reden


Kathinka Best


Madita Best


Ludger Harbert



Further be able associates

In our projects we collaborate with a wide network of enablers from diverse backgrounds and competencies.

Communication, Design Facilitation

Alina Weber




Lisa Djabbarpour



Communication, Accessibility

Alexander Abasov



Project Coordination, Consulting 

Uwe Nicksch



Product Development, Design Facilitation 

Juie Jittinan Kitsumritioj

Web Development 

Adrian Schwarzer

Textil Design, Design Facilitation 

Nina Thorwart

Personal Development, Communication Strategy 

Sabine Reins

If you want to become part of our active community and get involved as an enabler, get in contact with us.