»In the process of design, there are manifold challenges and the pure pleasure of creating. Best conditions to get to know and develop your potency.«

Isabelle Dechamps, c/o

be able

be able e.V. is a nonprofit organization based in Berlin focusing on inclusion and empowerment of marginalized social groups through design.

2010 product designer Isabelle Dechamps developed the education concept be able in coorperation with a sheltered workplace for people with disabilities. The participants experienced self-confidence while designing products that were based on their own ideas.

This award-winning concept developed into a catalyst for social design and is currently operating in a network of designers, staff developers, social workers and others throughout Germany.

Our seminars, workshops and projects are designed for socially negleted people and diverse companies. Our creative process contributes to overcome the fear of contact, prejudices and insecurity between different social groups, therefore we raise awareness for the high potentials in integration.


Design Empowerment: social inclusion and integration of socially disadvantaged individuals

boost participants' self-confidence

preserve traditional craft techniques: Modern interpretation and application of classic techniques and materials

support community engagement of participating companies and their employees

development of sustainable consumerism: high-quality production in sheltered workshops using environmentally responsible materials


Kathinka Best