Flat Screen Candle by Domenic Rudolph

A different candle. Flat Screen Candle has been developed by employee Domenic Rudolph. It is handmade and being produced at candle foundry of Mosaik workshop.

wax, red wick
candle holder of waxed pinewood (VIA workshop)
190 x 260 x 12 mm
burning time: about 6 hours per wick
28,80 €

„I could keep working on it all day."

Domenic Rudolph

For Domenic Rudolph it is important to view a candle before you light and burn it. Intuitively he developed a candle in a form of a panel and questions by this the conventional form of candles, its color and its wick. After making first sketches he realized series of translucent candles with several wicks which are cast in wax of different colors. In addition to that Dominic Rupolph discovered the method of drilling for himself and designed numerous hole patterns. Out of these experiments a second kind of candle was created which has its wick weaven into the wax. 

This design process has been accompanied by designers Franziska Land and Essi-Johanna Glomb.