Tafelmemo by Christine Rödel

Tafelmemo is a memory game. Indiviual motives can be drawn by the players on the blackboard paint. This game has been designed by Christine Rödel and is handcrafted at the woodwork section of VIA workshop. 

plywood, blackboard paint, chalk, sponge
40 x 9 x 7 cm
48,80 €

"You can paint pictures on it, you can paint numbers, it´s your own choice."

Christine Rödel

A memory game with changing motives which can be drawn by the players. Christine Rödel came up with this idea through thinking about new customers for new products. This is why this game can be played by children as well as by seniors to train their memory. The 30 partes can be also used for calculation or other games. For Christine Rödel it has been important to have everything together. That is why the packet includes additionally a case for chalk and a fitting sponge.

This design process has been accompanied by designer Vincent Krempf and Ferdinand Pechmann.