"be able rocks!"

Bodo, project participant

Partizipatory Product Development Twist n' Store

The occasion of this project is the anniversary celebration of Bethel. A product shall be co-developed in a team of employees and technicians of the carpentry workshop and design mediators from be able. This product shall communicate the inclusive values ​​of Bethel.

At the center of the project is a participatory design process, which is oriented towards the needs and wishes of the participants. Over the course of two workshop modules, we managed to release the creative potential of their employees and supported them in developing context-specific, original product ideas.

The design ideas of this collaborative process were presented in a second phase by be able design facilitators and presented on site. One of these ideas, Twist n 'Store, was further developed into prototype and then introduced into the production at the carpentry.

Twist n 'Store is a product family for the entrance area at home or at workplace, which can be playfully and individually installed. The product consists of 4 modules made of the finest local wood and rubber bands for the twist. The combination offers many functions: jackets, caps, scarves, letters and much more can be stuck, clamped and hung.