„everyone can discover that he can design his own environment within the co-design process.“

Isabelle Dechamps & Melinda Barth, be able Founders

be able - innovative learning


be able empowers people to develop their own ideas and to bring them into shape and existance. We use the co-design process, i.e. a joint design process between designers and non- designers, as a method to have our participants experience self-efficacy, self-determination and self-confidence. To achieve this we developed effective workshop programs that break down the design process into simple steps and build on fun and experimentation. The programs can be adapted to different target groups and outer conditions. 

We are experienced with:

- design-workshops for people who work in sheltered workshops
- design-trainings and seminars for care workers in sheltered workshops
- inclusive design-trainings for executive staff and people with disabilities
- impulse workshops on conferences 
- lectures and talks

Please contact us if you have any questions about our workshop programs.