I enjoy bringing people together, creating a framework for this and giving them the tools (analogue or digital) to enable them to create something new, unusual, innovative or to experience themselves in a completely different way and to take positive experiences with them. As a coach of interdisciplinary teams or even as a team member, I am always thrilled to see how a transfer of knowledge and experience between team members and a building on common ideas takes place and how this way of working enables a faster and goal-oriented implementation. It is important to me to support positive, meaningful projects with my work. As a design facilitator at be able and team member of MatchMyMaker everything I like to do and support comes together.

Location Leipzig 



Areas of Expertise

UX/UI design, Corporate design, Illustration, Project Management, Workshop development, Design mediation

Material experience

Digital media, Print media, Printing techniques, 3D prototype construction


Study of special education at the University of Leipzig (2002-2004)

Studied graphic design/book art at the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (2004-2011)

Diploma in the specialist class of system design (2011)


IF THEN DANCE - participatory dance action at the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts in Leipzig and Edwin Scharf Children's Museum, among others | Kunstmuseum in Ulm

FairPlay / Bonding Colours - game development during my stay as designer in residence at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Work as art director in her own studio, BARBAR Studio for conception, graphic design and illustration

Lectureship in computer graphics and media design at a private academy (2017-2019)