"I can reflect better on my own needs thanks to this project."

Hannah-Luisa Schmidt, project participant

Made For My Wheelchair

In this project we are developing an open source product for wheelchair users through creative process and maker technologies in a team of wheelchair users, technicians and designers. The product shall bring convenience and fun to the daily life of wheelchair users.

Driven by the ideas of the users, in the first project phase "Scout"a variety of ideas were developed through simple visualization methods such as drawing and paper modeling.

After a public presentation, 3 ideas were selected for the next phase "Make". In the meantime, we're working on the individual designs together with the users, each with a two-day design camp and a month for developing functional prototypes, which will then be tested in April.

The result of the project will be an open source product which can be individually adjusted and built with the help of the maker technologies. It will be spread globally through the third phase "Share".

I can use the trailer to give a ride for my companion. It's also very useful for carrying large and heavy goods like plants or gardening supplies.

Viktor Eisele, project participant

Made For My Wheelchair is a project by

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Funding program Photonics Research Germany

contract number 13N14244


Isabelle Dechamps and Nicolai Hertle